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Ready to be a Success Story? Read the testimonials below.



"Thank you for taking this business and "reviving" those of us who come for vacation.  Your time and commitment to the people you interact with is a blessing.  Thank you for the words of encouragement you spoke to me.....they were needed for me this week!  Blessings to you both as you continue here in business!"

Jolene,  Canada  (hand written letter)


"Working with Mike was exactly what I needed to become an active part in my future. Originally seeking a personal trainer, Mike proved to be so much more. By listening to my goals, he was able to carefully develop a plan that not only provided immediate results, physically, mentally and spiritually, but also provided me a structured life system that would help me achieve well past my original expectations. However, the true reward of working with Mike, was becoming his friend in the process, as he was always available to listen, and genuinely took an interest in my success as a person. I highly recommend his life coaching and the Paradise Mindset Program, to help anyone jumpstart a path to a more enriched and fulfilling life."

Corey Hahn, Indiana, USA


"Mike is an excellent trainer and coach, incorporating both correct physical technique and mental fortitude to achieve greatest value from every workout. Mike challenges and inspires, yet respects my existing ‘injuries’. He’s also very creative with routines, mixing up with each session. Wow, I wish I had started this so much earlier in life. All those hours in the gym, going through the motions… I’m experiencing real results, and feeling changes in my body and mindset. Highly recommended for any age and fitness level. This is clearly something I’ve missed in my life. I’m discovering so much more potential in what I can do, who I can be. Extending my wellness. In Paradise. Enough said.

I’d associate this coaching experience to a visit to a CR national park, and engaging a guide. One can walk the trails and say “been there, done that”; or one can invest in a guide who is able to identify the outstanding and often hidden features."

Jim L., Tamarindo, Costa Rica


"I was at risk for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and certain types of cancer. But in just over two months, I dropped below 20% body fat, and went from 190 to 177 pounds. The process was a lot easier and more manageable than expected, and I feel healthier than ever."

J.H., Abington, MA


"My original goal was to get through a day without back pain. In nine weeks, I went from 205 to 188 pounds, lost three inches off my waist and went from 21% body fat to 16.7%. One year later, I dropped down to 179 pounds, was in a size 32 pant and had a body fat of 13.2%. Not only am I free of back pain now, but I have a lot more energy, and a more active lifestyle."

J.G., Hanover, MA


"Along with learning how to exercise correctly and more effectively, I also received simple, practical guidelines for eating healthier and breaking old habits. As a result, I lost 17 pounds in about three months, and dropped more than four inches from my waist."

A.O., Rockland, MA 


"In two months, I went from a size ten to a size 4. I lost more than 17 inches, and went from 145 to 129 pounds.. I am so much happier and more confident… I actually love clothes shopping now!"

J.O., Pembroke, MA 


“Eagle Fitness Coaching has a unique way of motivating me to get results. I have more flexibility in my lower body, which translates to a better swing and game. And I lost 10 pounds and 2 inches off my waist, which is a nice side-effect!”

Ben Day, North American Pro Golf Tour Member 


“After putting me through a golf fitness test to identify weaknesses in my golf swing, Eagle Fitness Coaching developed a specific plan to correct and improve my performance. As a result, I’ve increased my swing speed from 96 mph to 103 mph, gaining an average of 20-30yds off the tee.”

Andrew Thiel, Cohasset, MA 




Comparte lo que los clientes dicen sobre tu negocio. Haz clic o doble clic para personalizarlo.


Comparte lo que los clientes dicen sobre tu negocio. Haz clic o doble clic para personalizarlo.


Comparte lo que los clientes dicen sobre tu negocio. Haz clic o doble clic para personalizarlo.

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