60 Days to the Rest of My Life

I met Mike and Jackie at a bar, Sharky's in Costa Rica. They were behaving, watching the United States in a World Cup match. I was getting hammered at noon in a princess skirt, cowboy hat, and a Lai screaming, “I believe that we can win”. We briefly discussed their new business, and I mumbled between gulps and cheers that I was an SEO expert, that could help them grow their online presence. I instantly knew they were both good people, as you get accustomed to snap judgements living in a tourist town in a developing country. I am not sure what they thought about me.


World Cup.jpg

As it typically goes with meetings in bars, nothing developed. As it typically goes in life, things have their proper course, and due time. That time is now. I recently started my own SEO Marketing Firm, and heard through a mutual friend that Mike and Jackie were looking for some help. It was a quick connection. I was nervous to pitch them my services, as I am good at spending money, but these days not very good at making it. Besides that, it was my first solo act with Beatnik Marketing. The night before the meeting, I couldn’t sleep, as my anxiety was handling me pretty good. Ideas were floating, I was pacing, and sunrise was crawling near. Would this relationship make sense for either of us?

I want to be an actor. 10 Years ago, when I moved to Costa Rica, I wanted to be an actor. This desire hasn’t changed for over 20 years. This is the first time I am stating it publically. It won’t go away unless I fail or succeed. Either way I am attacking that goal head on from this day forward. My stint in Tamarindo, Costa Rica has been a battle to the nth degree. I have lived in tin huts in the hood, and mansions on the cliff. I have experienced extreme highs and lows. I have pushed things to the max, giving the bird to the man, and pushed myself to the darkest pits I ever want to see. Through experimenting with drugs, endless nights of cigarettes, and the drink, oh man the drink, I have tried to kill lot of the good that is inherently inside of me. The one thing that has prevented me from taking the rock bottom dive to nowhere, has been the constant fathering of my nine year old son, Haven. He has been with me every step of the way, and I with him. In 60 days, we are returning to the United States for the first time in our journey together. I am petrified, I am excited, I am lost and found in the same head space.

How do you return to your mother’s basement with a 9 year old son, no Job, no savings, no health insurance, no anything, and keep your head up high when you tell your loved one’s you’re going to pursue your dream to be an actor? I am not sure I have the answer, but I know that I need to first take myself seriously. The Marketing skills will subsidize the effort, much like waiting tables would for any actor finding his way. I don’t like waiting tables. Finding clients I am passionate about is important for survival.



My meeting with Mike started out as all business meetings do. People pretending, posturing. I was nervous, I think Mike was too. I stammered through a 10 minute pitch. Money came up. I was too expensive, I couldn’t be any cheaper. Then something amazing happened. I told him what I had been pacing around about the night before.

“Mike – Revive needs content. I need a physical, mental, and spiritual transformation in the next 60 days. When I return home for the first time in 17 years, I want to be me at my best. Let’s trade services. Let’s help each other!” Mike smiled, and we were on our way.

I know I can’t face the rest of my life, obtain my goals, become a better father and hopefully someday husband, unless I begin to attack each day with a heightened sense of purpose, and Revive Wellness Center is the answer for me. Screw the money – My mental and physical Health needs to be the focus.

Over the next 60 days, this blog will detail my struggles and triumphs on this journey. I am going to be as honest as possible with Mike and Jackie serving as my guides to wellness. We are excited – hopefully that will come through with each step we take together towards reaching our personal and business goals.

Stop back here on, Monday May 11th, for the first blog in the series “60 days to the rest of My Life”!

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