Surf Fitness Revolution!

Surf Fitness Revolution!

Surf fitness has come into popularity in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Sport specific conditioning has been around for years and the surfing world is starting to embrace it. If you want to take your surfing to the next level, get in the best shape of your life or feel more confident out riding the waves, these workouts are for you. Tamarindo has some of the best waves around and it's time to enjoy them at a new level.

With the proper exercise program, your ability to carve while surfing will improve, you’ll have explosive and lasting energy for pop ups and endurance, build core strength and reduce the risk of injury. It all starts with the proper mindset. As a golf conditioning specialist and working with my clients on a regular basis, I have witnessed them constantly hit the ball farther with more consistency while taking strokes off their game and inches off their waist. They realize to get better, they not only need to play more golf, but they need to do exercises and drills, specifically for golf, to drastically improve their game. Now surfers are embracing this concept and getting incredible results. Working out with a trainer that understands the movements behind the actions is highly beneficial.

A proper surf fitness program should be based on using the kinetic chain of power along with the correct kinematic sequence. The power comes from the water through the board, the legs, the core and upper body. The transfer of power from the legs to the upper body is realized through a strong core. Training your body to contain and use the power specific to surfing will increase your strength and stability drastically. You should be doing exercises that will accomplish this efficiently.

Also doing surf exercises that incorporate the kinematic sequence is a must for every surfer. The proper turn sequence in surfing is as follows: 1. Lead with the eyes. 2. Turn with the shoulders. 3. Rotate the hips. 4. Finish with the board. Your surf exercises should include lower body strength and stability while increasing thoracic spine mobility and explosive strength. You will find yourself carving the wave like never before. Balance is also key for better surfing. At Revive Wellness Center we use the state of the art Surfset Fitness boards as seen on the television hit, Shark Tank. This leading edge technology simulates the movements and sequences of surfing. All the movements mimic what a real surfer does on the board in open water. Paddling, for example, builds shoulder strength and endurance while at the same time strengthening the lower back muscles and increasing cardiovascular fitness.

Explosive strength is key for better pop ups and spending more time riding the wave than paddling. In functional training, every time you decrease surface stability you increase nueromuscular demand. In other words, train like you need to perform at peak levels. The board in the water is unstable so you must train your brain to fire off the nueroreceptors and stabilizing muscle to shred it up.

Written by: Mike Sassorossi - Surfset Fitness surf conditioning instructor, an FRA advanced personal trainer in sport specific training and a TPI (Titleist performance institute ) golf conditioning specialist. For any questions you can contact Mike at 506-8533-8797, Revive Wellness Center.

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