The End is Just the Beginning!!

Thirty days came and went so quickly. It was a whirlwind month for me personally. I packed up our condo and moved our family of four back to Canada. Turns out we will be returning in September, and that means....more Revive Wellness Center at LBC for me!

But let’s look closely at the goals I set out to accomplish over those 30 days. Did I achieve them?

Yoga pose goal: A classical yoga headstand in the middle of the room, without the support of the wall.

Ta da! I still like to have something nearby to break a complete fall, but check me out in my mom’s living room here in Ottawa, Canada. Note the jeans and long sleeves; it has been a cool summer.

Yoga principles goal: Practice and non-attachment.

I practiced less in the second half of my 30 days. As time fell away and the to-do list grew, my dedication to my yoga practice faltered. I still managed a couple of classes a week and a few personal home practices

Non-attachment has been surprisingly easy. I feel more in more that in my life nothing is permanent and I am happy to be where I am with those that I love.

Core strength goal: My back pain is essentially gone. I can’t say I have been diligent to a fault in my exercises, but I am not going to theorize or complain about this.

Sport specific goal: I will have to test my pop ups on a surfboard when I am back in Tamarindo. More surfset workouts will certainly be a good motivator.

I truly enjoyed every moment of the time I spent at Revive Wellness Center at Langosta Beach Club and I am so glad that I will be back there regularly very soon.

Thirty days is going to turn into 130 days for me in September when my kids go back to school and we get back into our “real life as vacation” in Tamarindo.

Five fun facts about Revive Wellness Center at Langosta Beach Club

  • Fresh, good-size towels are provided for your workout.

  • The new spa offers facials, massages, reiki, and other services to relax, renew, and of course revive the soul.

  • Mike is a TPI certified and sought-after golf trainer. If you are a golfer visiting Tamarindo, you will not want to miss booking a personal training session with him.

  • Have you ever taken a cycling class in the water? You can at Revive. Climb onto the special bikes for a cardio/endurance workout while you stay cool in the pool with aquabiking.

  • Locals and visitors and everyone in between are welcome at Revive Wellness Center; rates are available for the day, the week or the month.

Got questions about Surfset Fitness, Yoga, Beach Bootcamp, personal training for golfers, the spa or anything else at Revive Wellness Center at Langosta Beach Club in Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Mike, Jackie and the rest of their team would love to hear from you.

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