Golf Fitness Training


Golf fitness training has emerged as a rapidly growing trend throughout the country, delivering significant, measurable results for professional and amateur golfers alike. If you have any doubt about the overall value and benefit of golf conditioning, do a quick online search, and you’ll quickly find how prevalent golf fitness training has become among the golf industry.


We provide the resources and experience to help fine-tune your entire body and core muscles, as well as increase flexibility, to significantly improve your ability to hit the ball farther and more consistently. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified instructors provide the training, support and guidance to help you become a more powerful, consistent golfer than ever before.


Golf Assessment and Conditioning


Anyone who plays golf knows that even the slightest modification in position and swing can greatly impact performance. However, it’s almost impossible to assess your own form and habits, and to make the necessary corrections.


Performed by a TPI certified instructor, our golf fitness assessment and conditioning program is specifically designed to identify golfers’ strengths and weaknesses, and to advance flexibility, power and overall performance. Through an extensive assessment, which includes state-of-the-art video analysis, we:


• measure range of motion, flexibility, and balance;

• test overall strength and power;• determine your golf fitness handicap;

• examine your swing using 2D video technology;

• provide a detailed, printed review of all findings; and

• develop a customized workout program based on findings.


This personalized program, which includes two 1-hour sessions, will increase your power and range of motion, minimize limitations, reduce pain and, ultimately, improve your game.



$249 USD